She hated this part of the time travel process, but it was necessary. The G’s pressed against her coal colored skin and stretched her cheeks back past the point of pain. It hurt. Bad. But it was worth it. She pictured his face to help block the pain of traveling through the quantum tunnel. He was on the other side. The man who loved her, then tried to have her killed. He tried to hide in the past. That’s what he does, but it didn’t matter. “I’ll find you.” She thought, as she pressed the accelerator on her personal transport cycle, gritting her teeth in agony. “No matter what era, galaxy, or existence known to man you try to go to, I’ll find you. You can’t hide from me.” She’s able to stand the pain because she knows a deeper pain awaits her in the other side of the tunnel. Her man. Her love, who she had given herself over to in every way, sent three enforcers to kill her an hour ago. But that was the mistake of men throughout the history of time, ego. He underestimated her skills. He didn’t know how hard she trained in combat rooms while he lay sleeping, spent from vigorous lovemaking. Something told her to never fully let onto how skilled she actually was. It was good that she followed her instinct. Now, two of her so called “friends” lay dead in her high rise apartment, one is splattered all over the promenade below. But the truth is, they were her friends. They had shared life’s highs and lows together, broke bread together, and now she had broken them. Her friend Kaya told her about Eric’s betrayal after she twisted her arm to the point of nearly breaking. When she gave up the info, she broke Kaya’s arm anyway and followed that move with a neck snap. “You’re next, you lying bastard.” She whispered to herself as she pressed the handlebar accelerator once more on her stolen cycle. She hoped her anger and pain was enough to push her into doing what she knew she must. As betrayed as she was feeling, there as a tiny part of her that doubted if she could go through with it. She quickly shook off the moment of doubt. Her old life was over. She knew there was no choice, he had made the first move. When the time came, She would have to kill the man she still loved.


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